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Debug-GPT for Chrome Developer Tools

Debug-GPT brings clarity to your console logs thanks to AI.

Debug-GPT is your personal developer debug assistant. It supercharges your debugging power by reducing the cognitive load of error message processing. Debug-GPT reads your error messages and turns them into comprehensible explanations of what your issue is and what the next steps you should take to remove it are. All from the comfort of the Chrome’s Developer Tools panel.

Debugging made easy

Reading and understanding the logs in the browser, and debugging is still a time consuming task for developers and consequently a widely unoptimized step of the software development lifecycle.

The first Chrome extension to supercharge your Developer Tools

We want to help developers debug quickly and efficiently in the browser thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Through the help of a Chrome dev tool, we will provide summaries of the logs to help developers remediate faster than with the default debugging tool error messages. These messages will include clear steps towards resolution or suggestions of the different options available to the developer to investigate further their issues. It will also translate to the language of their choice to improve Chrome Devtool access regardless of the user native language.

Code quality got a little bit easier

Every developer who ever feels that they are spending too much time deciphering error messages and who feels like that they could debug more quickly if they were given a more exploitable error message with some guidance and pointers on how to resolve it.

Open Sourced tooling

We believe in the power of collaboration and community-driven development. Debug-GPT is an open-source project, inviting developers from around the world to contribute, enhance, and shape the future of debugging. By using and contributing to Debug-GPT, you acknowledge that your contributions will be publicly available under the terms of the LICENSE and subject to the guidelines outlined in our CONTRIBUTING document. Your valuable input, whether through code, feedback, or discussions, is essential in making Debug-GPT an even more valuable tool for the developer community. We appreciate your participation and dedication to fostering a collaborative environment.