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Codename: Cloud GPU Finder

Locate available cloud GPU instances and compare costs.

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Cloud GPU Finder is a free and open-source CLI utility that helps you locate available cloud GPU instances and compare costs. The Cloud GPU Finder is a website catering to software engineers, meticulously scanning the web for optimal-priced GPU resources. This tool addresses the pain of manual GPU searching, ensuring instant access to the most cost-effective resources. By simplifying the GPU procurement process, engineers can allocate more time to coding and innovation, optimizing their workflow. The tool empowers software engineers by locating the most cost-effective cloud GPU instances. With streamlined access to tailored GPU solutions, software engineers can focus on innovation, achieve faster computations, and accelerate model training, all while optimizing their cloud expenses effortlessly.


  • Multi-Cloud Support - Intended to support AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Built with Terminal in mind - Perfectly integrates with your other terminal tools to enable advanced filtering, sorting, and more.
  • FZF Fuzzy Search Mode - Uses fzf to enable fuzzy searching of GPU instances.

Cloud GPU are hard to find and often very expensive. It’s an increasingly scarce resource which obstructs the path to innovation for engineers and generates stressful budget concerns. The tool addresses the pain of GPU overspending and resource scarcity, enhancing project scalability and affordability through efficient resource allocation. The Cloud GPU Finder empowers software engineers to harness powerful resources without breaking the bank, fostering efficient development and enhanced project outcomes.