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Codename: Git ActivityPub

Federate your software release announcements with ActivityPub. Connect your git account and quickly publish repo updates to followers across the fediverse.

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Your git repository is decentralized and distributed. Why not your release announcements? Git ActivityPub is a service that connects your git account to the fediverse. Publish release announcements, issues, commits and more to followers across ActivityPub compatible services like Mastodon automatically.


  • Manage multiple repositories from one account - Connect multiple git repositories to your Git ActivityPub account and manage each as a separate feed.
  • Automated post generation - Git ActivityPub automatically generates posts for repository events like pushes, pulls, issues, commits etc and publishes them to your followers.
  • VCS Agnostic - Git ActivityPub works with any git repository, whether it’s hosted on GitHub, GitLab, or your own server.
  • Self-hostable - Git ActivityPub is a free and open-source fork of popular activity pub servers currently used for Mastodon. You can host your own instance of Git ActivityPub and connect it to your git account(s).

Git Activity Pub