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Codename: Git Auto-MSG: AI-powered commit message

Automate your git commit messages with semantic commit messages.

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Reduce commit fatigue by intelligently automating the your git commit messages in conventional commit format. The AI-Powered Commit Message Generator makes version control simply easier by autonomously crafting optimal commit messages based on code changes. This innovative tool adheres to best practices, saving developers time and ensuring clear documentation. By accurately summarizing changes, it streamlines communication within teams and improves codebase clarity.


  • Seamless integration - Respects your existing commitlint.config.js
  • Intelligent - Uses the git diff and AI to determine the type of commit.

What are we trying to solve?

Git Auto-MSG alleviates the pain of crafting commit messages, reducing cognitive load and enhancing code collaboration.

No time on commits for the best commits

With AI powered automatically generated commit messages we provide consistent and informative commit messages so that engineers can focus on coding while keeping outstanding project transparency, and simplifying code review processes. This will result in efficient development cycles and elevated code quality.